Friday, November 13, 2009

One Drop Perfumes – New Youth Dude and Chic

One Drop Perfumes

Yes , here comes new product of One Drop Perfumes in mini-sets which call Youth. It is for boys called DUDE and for girls  called CHIC. It has 4 different bottles. It have a fruit smell and suitable for young person. It now can be owned all for the normal price RM25.


One Drop Perfumes -YOUTH PACK DUDE SET (for girls)
RM25.00 (SM) / RM27.00 (SS)

1 : Pop My Berry
2 : Look At Me Blossom
3 : Fall In Love With Me
4 : You Will Remember Me


 One Drop Perfumes - YOUTH PACK DUDE SET (for boys)
RM25.00 (SM) / RM27.00 (SS)

1 : X
2 : Viva La Vida
3 : Oh La La
4 : Hey Sexy


for more details  and for discount… …

One Drop Perfumes

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