Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Drop Perfumes - Why


One Drop Perfumes

The scent of the word derives from the Latin "per fumum" meaning "through smoke." The art of perfumery was to the ancient Chinese, Hindus, Egyptians, Arabs, Greeks and Romans. The burning of incense in religious rites of ancient China, Palestine and Egypt led gradually to the personal use of perfumes called Attar, widely used in ancient Greece and Rome.
In the middle Ages the Crusaders brought the knowledge of perfumery to Eastern Europe. After 1500, Paris is pursuing the major center of perfume making in Egypt and other Middle East countries. We are now working with renowned French perfumer and we are pleased to offer the popular perfumes and good quality at affordable prices.
Feeling great cost no more now!

What's the fuss between the oil and perfume scents usual?

When you buy, alcohol, perfume, oil, you get is pure perfume oil that is much more demanding, so over-the-counter perfumes. Pure perfume is a subtle fragrance that is soft and strong, but never offensive or overwhelming.
Known for its properties very well balanced and long term smell of the perfume oil is pure and unadulterated by the industrial load, such as alcohol, white oil and water. These costs, which are frequently used in over-the-counter perfumes found to mount the volume for larger package.

Why do they add alcohol to your perfume?

Alcohol has a low evaporation point, so that it dries faster than water. Therefore, the blend of perfume with alcohol causes the oil to evaporate faster than they are. This gives the impression that the scent is much stronger than it actually is.
So, if you enter a trade fragrance, aroma may sometimes seem overwhelming, those around you. This also explains why evaporation scent fades dramatically in one or two hours, the perfume oil with alcohol.

The second reason for all these charges is just a clever marketing - a bottle of increasingly imaginative with scent, plus fees seems to be a much better value than a smaller packaging of pure fragrance oil.

What is wrong with alcohol anyway?

Alcohol tends to kill or hide some subtle hints of many perfumes.
Ethyl alcohol is the most popular is found in normal perfumes. It is highly corrosive. Many people who think they are allergic to perfume actually allergic to alcohol in the perfume.
Alcohol is a drying agent - he does it with the scent evaporates and your body's natural oils.
Alcohol is also a banned substance with users of Muslims is associated with.

How long will a fragrance last drop?
One Drop Perfumes

A well is established fact that the fragrance oil to evaporate quickly and deposited on the skin much more, so that the fragrance to linger for a longer period. The oil-based One Drop Perfumes up to 12 to 24 hours - depending on the chemistry of the body. When you apply the perfume on your clothes, the fragrance will last all day, as it penetrates into the fabric of your dress.
It's not a gimmick, if complaint, you feel good all day with a drop of our perfume.
Notable figures revealed

Fragrance Fact 1 (One Drop Perfumes)
50% - 90% of the perfume business is marketing, not materials. The fragrance is one of the most spectacular examples of the price is not the cost of materials. Most people think that all the great designers have perfume and expensive ingredients, and valuable is what that makes it so much.
Even if this is true at one point, the real reason why most modern perfumes have such a high price is because of advertising, including:
Advertisements in glossy magazines Cosmopolitan, GQ, and other popular magazines
Primetime TV commercials set with celebrities
Custom-designed boxes, bottles of fancy and luxurious packaging perfume "loving look" and draw the eye of window shopping.
And remember to dealer mark-up, which is usually double the wholesale rate.
This answer to the question, why can one drop perfumes are sold at a fraction of the price of designer perfumes.

Fragrance Fact 2 (One Drop Perfumes)
Thank you, amazing advances in recent technologies, it is now possible to analyze chemical and most new fragrances, including perfumes haute couture. This is perfectly legal. You cannot copyright or patent a scent. (After all, you can imagine a monopoly on the things that smell of roses? "This is ridiculous!)
The courts have decided that - something that fragrance is part of nature, and is not a person. Subsequently, a scent cannot be patented or protected. On the other hand, may be protected by a label, and in May, and other registered non-profit through its use. For this reason, we want very clearly that we represent no particular fragrance house, or their products. Our fragrance oils are only inspired by these remarkable designers.

Fragrance Fact 3 (One Drop Perfumes)
Designer-inspired fragrance oil used to cater only to a few. Today niche and selected, its popularity is growing. Are now customer’s demands more aware and able to appreciate the complexity of fine fragrance. In addition, have learned that the ingredients in the fragrance oil and perfume most generic are exactly the same, so there's no reason for one to spend on perfume astronomical price generics

One Drop Perfumes

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