Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fragrances, Perfumes And Sex

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You maybe thinking to yourself what does fragrance or perfume has to do with sex. Well, to be honest with you, fragrances and perfumes do a lot for sex. Naturally, our skin produces a chemical called pheromones. When you are in heat, our skin makes even more and secretes it through the skin but we only need just tiny drop. Pheromone doesn't have any particular smell or color, but it's effect on the opposite sex is astronomical. Over the years, we have found a way to produce pheromone synthetically in lab which produces the same result.

Have you ever been asked by an opposite sex, "What fragrance or perfume you are wearing?" Almost every fragrances or perfumes you buy these days have tiny amount of pheromone. So, not only you smell great and exciting but very attractive too because of pheromone. According to statistics, people have fallen in love at first glance, gotten married soon, and get turned on quickly after wearing fragrances or perfumes that also contained pheromone.

Potentially, your favorite fragrance or perfume could be a love potion that might land you a hot wife or handsome husband. So, keep on wearing your favorite perfumes, fragrances, colognes. You never know who you will bump into one of these days while you are at your friends parties. I found my gal at my friends homecoming party and yes I was wearing favorite and the best cologne. To be honest with you, instance she laid an eye on me she couldn't stop smiling at me.

This article was written by John Smathers, Chemist and CEO/President of Fragrance Depot

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One Drop Perfumes

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